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Someone Come and Save My Life

Do you believe that people’s words are influential enough to either save someone’s life or destroy it? I believe they are to certain people. I only let the positive influence my life not the negative. More people should learn that trick. The only influence you should allow others to have over you should be positive. I have seen and heard of too many cases of suicide that were caused by other people’s words. Now I want you to think of all the things you may have said to someone or could be saying to someone now or in the future that would have a negative impact on their lives. Not to make anyone feel guilty or anything but we have all done it. Now I want you to imagine that everyone you’ve ever said anything negative to or about has killed themselves. Not so easy to think about huh? Now for the harder part, I want you to imagine hearing something so negative that someone else has said about you and killing yourself because of it. Even harder right? Now take all of the images that flooded your mind and think how different the world would be if all that was in reverse. I want people to make an active effort to make everything they say about one another positive. It would be a godsend. I want you to be that godsend, I want you to take that step out of your shoes and into everyone else’s shoes. I want you to make the effort to influence every person in your day positively. You don’t want them to be the next victim. With that being said, majority of the people that read this won’t listen. That will be their loss. Another thing, I am not saying completely stop thinking about yourself and only think about others, what I am truly saying is have the willingness to step into their shoes and have the ability to. Empathize with others but don’t take it to any extreme. Still be mindful of your needs but also understand other’s.


A Few Inspiring Words

“The thing that was comforting to me while I was in Afghanistan was looking up at the night sky and seeing all the stars and I knew that the stars I was looking at were the same ones the people at home were looking at.” -Cpl Daniel Callahan of the United States Marine Corps

MOGA! Meditate Openly for Growth and Acceptance

MOGA… Yoga for the mind, to promote flexibility, open thinking, and a stronger ability to connect with the people you encounter everyday. Following this are 10 mental exercises to gain an open mind toward others and their opinions and to help positively influence another person’s day.

1. Smile at anyone you encounter to brighten their day, remember the little things count.

2. Instead of picking out the bad in people when you first see them, choose something you like or enjoy about them and say it.

3. When someone mentions a hobby of theirs or something they enjoy doing instead of judging it and blowing it off try it out or just simply take the time to ask them why they enjoy it.

4. Look at everyone as an individual, do not compare them to yourself or anyone else.

5. Listen to what others say. I don’t mean nod and smile I mean actually listen. Take in what they have to say to you and respond if necessary.

6. Don’t be so materialistic. Who cares what car you drive or what clothes you wear, it will all be gone when you’re dead. It is truly your mind that matters.

7. Genuinely care for people. All people, not just the people you “like” but everyone, regardless.

8. Realize who is in front of you everyday and love them just simply because they are there.

9. Take the positive energy from others passively but give out positive energy actively. Tell others that you love them and make them feel accepted and welcome.

10. Have an unconditional willingness to forgive.

Bill Diaz

I met a man 4 days ago. He has some of the most inspiring things to say of any person that I have met in the entirety of my existence. He has influenced my life in such a way that I have chosen to become something more that what I have been telling myself I am. Through my honest and intellectually stimulating conversations with him I have realized that my self punishment has put me into a mind set that I am less than what I am. I am finally taking the first steps into being honest with myself and being fair to myself. Bill has taught me that self punishment is good to a certain extent to keep people pushing forward and to keep themselves going but, if you push that too far it is detrimental to yourself and you begin thinking less of yourself. I believe fully that in doing my daily ritual of talking to a complete stranger and meeting this man it has changed my life for the better. I wish that everyone has the opportunity in their life to meet someone as powerful, wise, and honest as Bill Diaz. Seek out the people that are going to challenge you to think and will push you. Find yourself a Bill Diaz.

This is Hell…

So a lot of people are skeptical of the afterlife or trapped spirits or ghosts or whatever you want to call them, but if it could happen I have an idea. An idea about what “Hell” truly is. There is no inferno to me. I do believe that if there is an almighty benevolent higher power there is also one of pure evil to balance it out but what I do not believe is that you may either go to this one defined place if you are a “sinner” or another defined place if you are “forgiven.” My idea of hell is being a “trapped spirit” forced to walk the Earth without being acknowledged or seen and then, THEN, when the world ends (which it eventually will maybe not next year but sometime long from now) and there is nothing left but a wasteland, no people to watch, no happiness to see, when there is absolutely nothing left and still being trapped to walk the same path day after day, now that, that is Hell.

Live, Love and Let Shape

Love and respect are the same thing, they are the willingness to let someone shape who you are. Shaping is not letting another person change who you are as a being it is allowing another person to give you a new perspective and outlook to allow you to better relate to and connect with them.

“Men are like buses, if you have 75 cents in your pocket and they are going the way you are then hop on if not, fuck it.” -Bill Diaz (A man who has thoroughly changed my perspective on a lot of things over the course of the 4 days I have known him.)

People with Guns and People without Them

I have this idea that there are 2 types of people, “happy” people and “unhappy” people. The “happy” people are the people that actively seek out things, objects, people, or places that will bring joy into their lives. The “unhappy” people are the people that are so caught up on the negative and so willing to dwell on problems with no intentions on doing anything about it and they are the ones that drowned in giant pools of their own self pity that they forget to find joy and to look for the things that make them happy. Now to go along with that you can’t truly be a “happy” person until you know what makes you unhappy. It seems like a vicious cycle but it is truly and completely simple. Are you a “happy” person?

There is also another idea I have that could definitely go along with the theory of the “happy” and “unhappy” people. There are 2 types of people, “perfect” people and “broken” people. I know I know I know! No one is perfect but hear me out. The debate here is which one is better… I say the broken people and here is why. The “perfect” person is the person that has lived there life to this point without taking any big risks without experiencing any real tragedy. I am not talking about break ups or broken heartedness I am talking about real tragedy. The “broken” people are the people that have truly experienced the evil in the world, the tragedy and the comedy in all of it. Those people have dragged themselves up from the rubble, the absolute zero, the very bottom of everything, and in turn it has taught them to become more open minded, stronger, patient, empathetic, and wise beings. The “perfect” person is the one that believes everything is going to be okay, the “broken” person is the person that realizes that is all a lie. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee and having already experienced that if you are a “broken” person you know what I am saying. To drag yourself back up from being the shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe to being in true love with yourself is what will finally make someone realize the lie that is when someone says “everything will be okay.” This truly makes you realize Santa Claus isn’t real. Now are you a “perfect” person or are you a “broken” person?

“To love oneself is to begin a lifelong romance.” -Oscar Wilde

Begin your romance today.