A Little About It

I am a brilliant pissed off genius. I am a social counselor, an arbiter of debates, a finder of hidden truths, the life of parties, and a crisis hotline operator. My brain functions and processes stimuli differently than most people I have come across in my days. I have an open mind and an open heart and strongly believe in giving everyone a chance. Having a willing and accepting outlook on people and promising myself everyday to try and make even just one person feel loved and accepted has helped me grow as a person. I love all people regardless of almost everything. I challenge people to think. Thinking is the best thing someone can do during there day as long as they have a willingness to be open minded about others and their opinions. Everyone has a story, so just learn to accept them for who and what they are and love them for that. I made up a word for a practice that all people should learn and apply… Moga, its yoga for the mind. A practice that teaches a person flexibility and open mindedness in their daily lives and interactions with other people. I challenge you to try it.


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