Someone Come and Save My Life

Do you believe that people’s words are influential enough to either save someone’s life or destroy it? I believe they are to certain people. I only let the positive influence my life not the negative. More people should learn that trick. The only influence you should allow others to have over you should be positive. I have seen and heard of too many cases of suicide that were caused by other people’s words. Now I want you to think of all the things you may have said to someone or could be saying to someone now or in the future that would have a negative impact on their lives. Not to make anyone feel guilty or anything but we have all done it. Now I want you to imagine that everyone you’ve ever said anything negative to or about has killed themselves. Not so easy to think about huh? Now for the harder part, I want you to imagine hearing something so negative that someone else has said about you and killing yourself because of it. Even harder right? Now take all of the images that flooded your mind and think how different the world would be if all that was in reverse. I want people to make an active effort to make everything they say about one another positive. It would be a godsend. I want you to be that godsend, I want you to take that step out of your shoes and into everyone else’s shoes. I want you to make the effort to influence every person in your day positively. You don’t want them to be the next victim. With that being said, majority of the people that read this won’t listen. That will be their loss. Another thing, I am not saying completely stop thinking about yourself and only think about others, what I am truly saying is have the willingness to step into their shoes and have the ability to. Empathize with others but don’t take it to any extreme. Still be mindful of your needs but also understand other’s.


One thought on “Someone Come and Save My Life

  1. Bill Diaz says:

    No one can save r lose your life but you. Life is a lonely dance, where we spend much of it looking for a partner to dance in relation to. You cannot spin yourself, or dip yourself or any number of moves, for those you need a partner.

    But the dance is yours and yours alone. If you look for someone to save you, you will most likely find that your savior is actually a loser, lol.

    Dance with all your beauty and your might and that which you seek wil come to you, like moths to the flame.

    Love and miss you, hope to see you soon!

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