MOGA! Meditate Openly for Growth and Acceptance

MOGA… Yoga for the mind, to promote flexibility, open thinking, and a stronger ability to connect with the people you encounter everyday. Following this are 10 mental exercises to gain an open mind toward others and their opinions and to help positively influence another person’s day.

1. Smile at anyone you encounter to brighten their day, remember the little things count.

2. Instead of picking out the bad in people when you first see them, choose something you like or enjoy about them and say it.

3. When someone mentions a hobby of theirs or something they enjoy doing instead of judging it and blowing it off try it out or just simply take the time to ask them why they enjoy it.

4. Look at everyone as an individual, do not compare them to yourself or anyone else.

5. Listen to what others say. I don’t mean nod and smile I mean actually listen. Take in what they have to say to you and respond if necessary.

6. Don’t be so materialistic. Who cares what car you drive or what clothes you wear, it will all be gone when you’re dead. It is truly your mind that matters.

7. Genuinely care for people. All people, not just the people you “like” but everyone, regardless.

8. Realize who is in front of you everyday and love them just simply because they are there.

9. Take the positive energy from others passively but give out positive energy actively. Tell others that you love them and make them feel accepted and welcome.

10. Have an unconditional willingness to forgive.


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