This is Hell…

So a lot of people are skeptical of the afterlife or trapped spirits or ghosts or whatever you want to call them, but if it could happen I have an idea. An idea about what “Hell” truly is. There is no inferno to me. I do believe that if there is an almighty benevolent higher power there is also one of pure evil to balance it out but what I do not believe is that you may either go to this one defined place if you are a “sinner” or another defined place if you are “forgiven.” My idea of hell is being a “trapped spirit” forced to walk the Earth without being acknowledged or seen and then, THEN, when the world ends (which it eventually will maybe not next year but sometime long from now) and there is nothing left but a wasteland, no people to watch, no happiness to see, when there is absolutely nothing left and still being trapped to walk the same path day after day, now that, that is Hell.


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