People with Guns and People without Them

I have this idea that there are 2 types of people, “happy” people and “unhappy” people. The “happy” people are the people that actively seek out things, objects, people, or places that will bring joy into their lives. The “unhappy” people are the people that are so caught up on the negative and so willing to dwell on problems with no intentions on doing anything about it and they are the ones that drowned in giant pools of their own self pity that they forget to find joy and to look for the things that make them happy. Now to go along with that you can’t truly be a “happy” person until you know what makes you unhappy. It seems like a vicious cycle but it is truly and completely simple. Are you a “happy” person?

There is also another idea I have that could definitely go along with the theory of the “happy” and “unhappy” people. There are 2 types of people, “perfect” people and “broken” people. I know I know I know! No one is perfect but hear me out. The debate here is which one is better… I say the broken people and here is why. The “perfect” person is the person that has lived there life to this point without taking any big risks without experiencing any real tragedy. I am not talking about break ups or broken heartedness I am talking about real tragedy. The “broken” people are the people that have truly experienced the evil in the world, the tragedy and the comedy in all of it. Those people have dragged themselves up from the rubble, the absolute zero, the very bottom of everything, and in turn it has taught them to become more open minded, stronger, patient, empathetic, and wise beings. The “perfect” person is the one that believes everything is going to be okay, the “broken” person is the person that realizes that is all a lie. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee and having already experienced that if you are a “broken” person you know what I am saying. To drag yourself back up from being the shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe to being in true love with yourself is what will finally make someone realize the lie that is when someone says “everything will be okay.” This truly makes you realize Santa Claus isn’t real. Now are you a “perfect” person or are you a “broken” person?

“To love oneself is to begin a lifelong romance.” -Oscar Wilde

Begin your romance today.


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