Bill Diaz

I met a man 4 days ago. He has some of the most inspiring things to say of any person that I have met in the entirety of my existence. He has influenced my life in such a way that I have chosen to become something more that what I have been telling myself I am. Through my honest and intellectually stimulating conversations with him I have realized that my self punishment has put me into a mind set that I am less than what I am. I am finally taking the first steps into being honest with myself and being fair to myself. Bill has taught me that self punishment is good to a certain extent to keep people pushing forward and to keep themselves going but, if you push that too far it is detrimental to yourself and you begin thinking less of yourself. I believe fully that in doing my daily ritual of talking to a complete stranger and meeting this man it has changed my life for the better. I wish that everyone has the opportunity in their life to meet someone as powerful, wise, and honest as Bill Diaz. Seek out the people that are going to challenge you to think and will push you. Find yourself a Bill Diaz.


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